Sunday, November 18, 2012

Update 19 Nov

Whenever Christmas and the New Year approaches it never fails to light a fire under our backsides. Things start slowing down from mid November onwards. When you work with people in different countries all at once it goes a little something like this: Thanksgiving, USA (Happy thanksgiving by the way!). Christmas, New Year and then Chinese New Year, HK, PRC. So every year at right about now, we really haul butt to get things off and done by certain dates, otherwise boats are missed and things get held up. So here we are working, working really hard to get things done and dusted. And speaking of dusted...

In preparation for a special writing project associated with our work on The Beautiful War, I decided to edit a novella that I finished in the middle of this year, in between everything else. I can't see it ever being turned into a comic or a graphic novel, it came to me as a story and will probably remain that way, so I've decided that when it's 100% ready, maybe 2 weeks to a month - I'm going to put it up on for free!! When it's ready I'll post a link right here on this blog.