Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Special Brew

Ash and I have the weirdest conversations some times but it's from out of those long and involved conversations that understanding arises like some goofy animal emerging from out of the mist. We were talking in particular this evening about what makes ThreeA so special, not only to us but to other people too and in the course of our conversation about the Beast Kingdom show and all the other shows we've done Ash said: "I want you to make a post on the blog, just to thank people and to let them know, that it's them, they're the ones who make it special, they are the ones who make it what it is."

We are just so honored to have had a part in the forming of group that crosses the kinds of boundaries and lines that usually divide people. If you're part of our group, you're not a label you just belong, and the group we have has such a rich synergy going on it's crazy. There's something about ThreeA people, everyone has something to show, to give, something to grow into and aspire to. The art challenges over the years, the kids who fear that they can't draw and then when they get the guts up to post their art, the sky is the limit. The sheer talent and energy that goes into some of the 2D and 3D presentations that have been made, (are being made), it's just incredible, you are all so incredible, it's nuts. And never in a million years could we have hoped for such a positive flow on effect.

One of the funnest things that Ash heard today was a rap song that was playing in the background at the Beast Kingdom show. He was half listening and thinking, what are these lyrics about? It sounded as professional as anything you'd download on itunes and then he was laughing and he couldn't stop because some guy had specifically recorded the rap that was playing, it was all about being addicted to collecting ThreeA toys! See there here we go again - another super talented ThreeA fan.

There's definitely something special about the people we've come to be surrounded by, whatever flavor your sauce is, everyone finds a fit and we love and admire all of you for it. Modern life can be so insular and so impersonal and here just the opposite has been achieved and it's been done not just in one small local area but across the globe. Anyone can buy a toy but it takes a group of exceptional people to form such an amazing community as this.

And in closing this evening (phew!) we'd like to thank all of the people at Beast Kingdom for putting on such an awesome show, all of the staff from ThreeA HK. And most of all we'd like to thank you! Wonderful you! For all of the fan art that's ever been drawn, for all of the Legion gatherings that have ever been had, for all of the effort that you have all put in to making this thing we call ThreeA truly special.

TP and (Ash!)