Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Just a quick post in response to a stream of inquiries we've been receiving lately regarding on sellers and second hand dealers of prints. 

The studio here at 7174 does not produce "minis", the larger print sizes that we are known to produce are the only ones we produce and they're always made with the highest quality rag papers and high end giclee inks. We do not produce prints on canvas, cheap paper or make use of lamination or block mounting. 

Beware of any print that is too small, if the image is not clear and crisp,  or  if the seller is selling way below market and claims to be holding onto something super "rare". All of our prints are signed and numbered with ink, the ink used is not at one with the print, it sits on top, if someone tries to on-sell a print and the signature looks printed, then think twice about what you're being offered.

In regards to physical paintings, please note that we never reproduce artworks in editions on canvas, ever.