Friday, February 8, 2013

February Update: Of Japan and Rereleases.

Happy February! 

Winter Wonderfest is upon us and if you're in Tokyo or the surrounds this weekend, be sure to drop by and say hello. Ash and ThreeA have a particularly hard core group of fans up in Japan, the Japanese ThreeA Legion especially have had some amazing get togethers in the past and the photos they send us are incredible, this week however, I think that they might just have out done themselves. If you're attending the Winter Wonder fest be sure to ask after the location of the fan gallery. As far as I know, the Japanese Legion have taken over a shop in the same precinct as the Wonderfest and are opening a temporary toy gallery, completely decked out with all of their ThreeA related toys and dioramas and other related displays. If this is anything like some of their previous events, it's a must see!

Re-release, oh my!

One of Ash's art books was re-released in hard cover slipcase by IDW this week, which prompted one guy to ask: Why? 
Usually, my motto also being "Fuck it!" I wouldn't bother answering this question. However it bugs me when a case of simple logic is missed. Since the art book was originally released lots of new people have discovered Ash's art and IDW thought it might be a good idea if those fans had the opportunity to own a great book, since every other edition is sold out. If you're feeling down because your future Ebay stash has suddenly lost value - well I believe Ash has said it multiple times before, it's about the images.

As for the question of whether originality has been dealt a fatal blow - I doubt it, the book was a good book then and is still a good book now. No one is asking anyone who already owns and loves the book to buy another edition, if you feel compelled to do so, that's between you and your bookcase. 

Original work is produced quite literally by the day at our studio, we don't have assistants or a team of trained monkeys, anyone who cries foul when an older book is re-released needs to get a life, we love you guys but shit, let others' have their first edition, even if the third or fourth to you. We DO have new books coming this year for you to discover and enjoy.

We've had a lot of questions that are Paris related so I'll try and answer as many as I can. 

Yes, we will be there (all of us). Yes, it will be an art show, with new original works on display. Yes, we plan to release a Gallerie Daniel Maghen only print there. No, this isn't really a toy show per se but everyone is welcome. There are no plans for a fan dinner this time around, as this is not a convention visit, it's a gallery show, different vibe. 
(That said Ash is not averse to fan dinners. There will be a fan dinner I believe in Tokyo this weekend).

Other events:

Ash is exhibiting a piece in a joint exhibition in Los Angeles soon. I don't have the details to hand right now but I will post all of the information when I have it as this is no ordinary joint show. The show is basically a collection of really amazing artists, contemporaries, peers and just generally creative people that make you go "Wow! Look at that!"

Hometown Show:

There are a couple of Pop Culture conventions on in Perth WA this year but we're not yet confirming as I think the big one clashes with the San Diego Con... again more info coming your way when we have it.

And that's it for your February Update!! If I get any Wonderfest photos I'll post them here too.