Monday, September 30, 2013

Make it Big

As an artist Ash is always looking to push the envelope and production design and image quality are big issues for us. Sometimes we have to wait for technology to catch up with what we want to achieve, other times we spend a lot of time researching the best tools to use and come up trumps. Below is a photograph of Ash taken in Guangzhou this morning, behind him is a large printed banner of one of his paintings. Notice that despite the painting having been magnified many times from it's original size, you can still see the tooth of the canvas. 

It used to be that we had to send art away to be photographed and then a few years ago we started messing with medium format cameras which made it possible for us to produce prints etc. However, there were still limits to the sizes we could produce, that is until this year. What you are looking at I'm pleased to say was a photograph that was produced and edited and sized up, entirely in our studio; which ten years ago would have been impossible for us to do. The camera used is a Phase One medium format and if this photo proves anything, it's that there are no limitations in what we can achieve.