Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Update

Emma at the studio pre-bucket

September went by at break neck speed. Ash and I spent the whole month rushed off of our collective feet. Events are planned for months, (sometimes years), in advance and you think you've got forever to go and then... really next week?

China Comicon is upon us and yes! I fully plan to blog it here on the WO7174 blog. I always worry about making promises regarding China trips since we're limited by internet availability but as always we're going to pull out all stops to try to make it happen anyway.

As for art events we have a couple of upcoming shows, if you're in Melbourne Ash will be exhibiting three pieces at the Backwoods Gallery. Every year the curator there holds a group show and invites artists to create works based on a theme. Last year was hands and this year is the eye. 

Miami Beach Basal is also coming up the Johnathan Le Vine Gallery has a massive booth this year. Ash is sending three new pieces along so if you're in Miami go and have a look see.

Books, lots and lots. Ash has been working away on a raft of books, as we schedule the publishing dates, I will post more info and the covers of each of the books here. Some of the books are ours and others are books that Ash has put together for other artists, I love these kinds of books especially since the most inspiring of these feature the works of artists recently passed, so it's not just an exploration of an artist's work but in some cases a commemoration and celebration as well. 

At the studio... In September we had, big storms that knocked the power out, Emma our crazy beagle was recently spayed and has been running around with a bucket on her head hitting things,  (she has no peripheral vision in her new space helmet), fortunately she has a taste for lego men and not paintings. There were workmen, workmen and more workmen... and a box of plush golden dolphin hats arrived which added to the frenzy and last but not least... the local football team The Fremantle Dockers made the grand finals and then lost... Oh well, there's always next year!

Keep it here for all the China Comicon updates from us. If I can't get immediate pictures I will post media links as they happen.