Friday, June 20, 2014

Hello Perth! Supanova Saturday

Have you ever had one of those moments when you turned around and thought... How did this all suddenly get so big? That happened a couple of times today, once when I caught sight of the sheer amount of people that turned out in force for the Supanova Pop Culture convention and twice when I attended the IDW/Ashley Wood panel and just got a real sense of how much work is actually produced by IDW on the whole. We've been with IDW since the start and so I still have that "way back when" feeling about it and then when the entertainment IP lists started coming up on the screen... wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

IDW also brought along a creator graphic for Ash which listed some 1750 pages of comic art in the stats alongside him and I thought gee - that's just for IDW! As most of you know Ash worked for Marvel and Todd McFarlane and the 2000AD people before that so, I'm almost afraid to count.

Got to say though possibly the funniest moment of today was on the panel when Ash point blank refused to give away the story behind The Beautiful War and then IDW put a graphic of a page featuring a wall. The wall, Ash clarified for the audience, is actually a character in the story, there was just a sea of blank looks after that. Thank you to everyone that attended btw, we really appreciate you taking the time.

For me personally, I'd also like to say thank you. I don't often attend events like this, it was so nice to meet both the IDW and ThreeA fans for the first time today, you actually did better than a lot of people that I've met before on numerous occassions, there were at least three people I hadn't seen for twenty years today who asked me if I was the "new wife", no says I, I'm the original girlfriend, you just forgot.

Thanks to Ted, Chris and all the IDW family, Royd and always as ever the wonderful Miss Sui Yin!