Friday, June 13, 2014

Writers, Artists and Creators Re: Supanova Convention

When Ash and I started out in our chosen fields many moons ago, we were hungry and so we did what any two young people could do, we got out there and we shook the tree. No one of any note or clout ever came down to Australia in those days looking for talent to hire, no one. So Ash and I climbed on a plane and went to see those people ourselves.

And whenever anyone Australian talks about our success in life the first thing they say is: "Well they went off to America, what do you expect?"

Right now writers and artists, our publisher Mr. Ted Adams of IDW San Diego is sat in a booth along side the esteemed American editor in chief Mr. Chris Ryall at the Sydney convention, (Perth next week). These two men have approved and edited every successful IDW title we've ever made. Furthermore Mr. Ted Adams is a bone fide film producer who has sold no less than three of those books into motion pictures on our behalf to some of the most celebrated and lauded producers and directors working in Hollywood today. U.S. TV adaptions are also in motion.

That some artists are trading shit, (between city loyalties), on Twitter and are not lined up begging for that leg up that some say is so ellusive that you have to travel all the way to the U.S to get it is beyond me.

Wise up people, time is running out in Sydney, and Perth talent get your showcase ready! If you miss out on meeting the few influential people who actually bother to come down to Australia, you're missing out. Yeah some of us had to go the extra distance and shake the tree, but for some others all you have to do is to show a bit of courage, turn up and shake hands, how easy is that?