Friday, October 19, 2012

Here We Go! Saturday News and Other Bits


It's almost Saturday in New York which means that the exhibition will be officially open to the public and you will have from then through to November 17 to go along and see it. I'm posting some random shots of New York along with this post to whet your appetite if you live within subway striking distance of the show.

Weird Bits

The last twenty four hours have been a little weird for me because although I update the blog, I'm not one to actually scour the web, so when I spend a little time on the net, I end up either scratching my head or blowing my mind over some of article or other that I've read. So today I came across an article where one of these Doomsday Preppers types announced that Ashley's vision of World War Robot is the future. 

Now, just presupposing that the preppers survive past the 21st of December... (which I'm sure you all will), I personally think that unless Ash takes to dressing like Bernard Sumner (circa Joy Division 1979) and that the technology actually exists whereby the artist can actually exile himself to the moon and get tinkering well... we're all going to be okay. In the meantime we'd love to see you all get out and buy some popcorn and go to the movies to eventually see the Jerry Bruckheimer adaption because  the name Bruckheimer is actually German for Awesome-Sauce. 


The MONA is in the news again today so I thought I'd say a little something about it.

The state of Tasmania is often left off of national maps due to image constrictions, (or just plain ignorance really), but gosh darn it what a beautiful, beautiful place! And more so because of one man, David Walsh. Mr. Walsh, for those of you who are not already aware, is both a philanthropist and a visionary and he is also the tour de force behind Tasmania's MONA ART GALLERY. The MONA sits resplendently on the banks of the river Derwent and David Walsh envisioned and realized it from scratch. 

Sure Australia has a lot of cool art galleries but this one is very different, it's not a culmination of a small institution collecting and expanding it's space over a period of a hundred years, it is gift to the nation of Australia, it is something that has changed the art landscape forever and it happened in just a small handful of years. So the next time you fly into Melbourne or Sydney for a holiday in the sun, be aware that Hobart, Tasmania and the MONA is just a short, inexpensive flight away and that you haven't experienced all that Australia has to offer unless you've visited the MONA.