Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jonathan LeVine Gallery Exhibition 20/10

Today it occurred to both Ash and I that if our hometown was a starting point, then NYC must be located at the point which is the farthest from. So many people have emailed, called and wished Ash well from all over the world, that it makes the world feel that much smaller and closer together - that is until you actually climb aboard the plane! For those who aren't aware, with airtime and transfers and what not it is going to take Ash a full 36 hours to reach New York!! Not to mention the fact that he almost didn't make the plane at all. (Thank you Qantas - they don't usually allow people on with five minutes to spare). 

There are many reasons to attend this exhibition however, it marks the culmination of two years work, people literally have flown from all over the world to see it and the amazing Jeremy Geddes is also having a solo show in the gallery next door. 

Ash and Jeremy have spoken for years about having a joint art show but we being from Perth and he being a proud Melburnian (yup I spell it like we say it) well neutral ground was needed and we just weren't sure how many of our international guests would schlep themselves off to Adelaide, (flying time considered). So New York City was the go and why not? Who wouldn't want to do that?

The concept started small and then grew and grew until a joint exhibition became two solo shows and I personally am just so proud of them both,  if you are in New York City this weekend or indeed for the rest of October and most of November, drop in and enjoy the work on display, be our guest we'd love you to come on out and have a look.