Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updates Thurs. 18/10/12

News... News... News...

Gallery Show News

I have some announcements to make re prints, there is a limited edition of 50 prints available at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, they will no doubt go quickly so don't miss out. These will be the last of the large formats for now, in 2013 we have plans to go in a different direction. Stay tuned for more news on this front as it comes up.

Movie News

In movie news "Yes Virginia we do have a director!" But if you're a budding starlet or star person please don't email us your bios and head shots, we appreciate that you're eager and starting out but we just don't have that kind of authority and casting isn't our thing - Best of luck to you all regardless, if I've learned anything in the last few weeks it's that there are a lot of truly beautiful people out there.

Charity Auction News

Ash and I have come up with a plan for December onwards which will see a select number of auctions take place for a good cause. Over time we have built up quite a stash of rare ThreeA and 7174 related merch and other stuff, so much so that we now have a secure storage unit that looks like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. What we're planning to do is to auction items off with no reserve and then donate the money raised to a local organization that helps young people who are doing it tough to feed and support their children.

More updates soon!