Thursday, October 18, 2012

Update Thurs/ Fri 18/10 19/10

Some works from The Jonathan LeVine exhibition are being featured over at Hi-Fructose. It's great that the works are getting some coverage and that a wider audience outside of the gallery will also get to see the works because of the internet, however I just wanted to point out that on their website the paintings are stacked blog style and so you might be misled to think that the works are actually quite small - not true! 

 The extended work placed at the bottom of the Hi Fructose blog is in fact as big as a single bed! The largest work in the exhibition is about as big as a good sized double bed, if that gives you any idea... All in all the effect of the images just being so large and just so Ash... is overpowering and has an amazing effect when viewed all together. We had a test viewing for a couple of our friends who popped by just before the art shipped and in each case they said, we've been following your progress on the blog but we had no idea!

Ash is in New York now and he's already out and about, so if you see him give him a wave and say hello. It's hard to believe that after all this time, we're finally here, up and running. Again if you have the opportunity to see the exhibition as a whole, don't miss out, the collection in its entire state will be seen only once like this, after LeVine all of these paintings will undoubtedly find homes in private collections.

Hopefully we'll have some photos for you soon in the next couple of hours.